reflexology treatments

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what is reflexology?

This powerful yet tranquil treatment, dates back to ancient civilisations. Specialised pressure and massage techniques are applied to the feet using fingers and thumbs. Focusing on reflex points and energy zones in the feet to promote healing, and can be beneficial to many health conditions and disorders.


I have been practicing reflexology treatments since 2007. Over the years I have worked with clients with varying conditions such as: PMS, stress, anxiety, head aches & migraines and digestive problems including IBS.

With treatment plans in place.  I have seen first-hand how regular reflexology treatments can be a powerful aid for stress reduction and relaxation.

reflexology treatments

During your consultation, we talk though your medical history and emotional health, creating a picture of tailoring your treatments to your needs.  Through your treatment we will work on all areas of your feet, focusing on reflex points that need further attention.

reflexology 60 minute

Sink it to our warm herbal foot soak. Enjoy your full holistic foot treatment, working throughout the bodies reflex points via the feet. Finish with a luxurious flowing, aromatherapy foot & leg massage.

reflexology feet treat

Relax enjoy our warm foot soak, followed by an invigorating feet exfoliation treatment and nourishing foot mask. Now you are ready for your reflexology treatment. Lie back and enjoy.

Balance mind and body with this complementary therapy.  Book tranquil Reflexology treatments at our Brighton clinic or delivered to you at home. 


all mobile at home reflexology treatments + £10.00 per treatment




60 minute foot treatment

Aromatherapy oil blend with every treatment

60 minutes


feet treat


90 minute foot treatment

Aromatherapy oil blend with every treatment

90 minutes


the holistic

Pamper package

Massage | Organic skincare facial | Reflexology treatment

Complete time out experience

120 minutes

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